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Things to consider when choosing invitations

Wedding invitations often provide guests with a first glimpse of a wedding's style. Invitations also may serve as the means by which distant friends and relatives find out about a couple's pending nuptials if a formal announcement was not made. Amid the flourishes of calligraphy and impressive paper stock is information that speaks to the importance of the day when two people will be joining their lives together. Guests will learn not only the time and the place of the wedding from the invitation, but also the formality of the event and the scope of the party that will follow.... Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Stationery

Your wedding stationery does not start and stop with your invitations. Oh, no. There are so many other paper pieces to consider before (save-the-dates), during (menus), and after your wedding (thank you cards). So before you part ways with your stationery designer, make sure you have all of your wedding paper bases covered. Here are 15 stationery pieces you and your beloved might want to have at the ready. Let’s talk about the weeks and months leading up to your wedding. First, build your wedding party. Then there are showers, bachelorette parties, and bachelor parties to attend. Mail your save-the-dates... Read More

The Best Wedding Invitation Wording for a Casual Event

Not each event is an ornate, formal affair. Many brides plus grooms select to keep their event more casual plus everyday. This could let those to program a more stress free event which everyone might enjoy. It is significant which all guests learn ahead of time which the event will be a everyday affair. This really is easily done by the event invitation wording. The event invitation wording must clearly indicate which the event will be everyday. This begins off with all the invitation itself. The invitation is easy or silly, because lengthy because it conveys to the guests which... Read More

5 tips to choosing the best wedding stationery

Your wedding stationery is the first thing your guests will see and acts as a little teaser of what to expect from your wedding day - which is why many couples find it difficult to choose their stationery, especially with a whole wedding world of options out there. Knowing where to start is half the battle, you'll need top advice that will take you from the engagement announcements to the thank-you notes... What's the stationery theme If you send out chic monochrome invitations and then decide on a vibrant, fairytale princess theme, it may seem weird to your guests. Talk... Read More

Do’s and Dont’s of Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are a small detail to a wedding that can leave a big impact. Their are a handful of things to remember when choosing and writing in them. The steps you take don’t have to be robotic and the typical way of doing it. Make them unique and from yourself/the couple. You want them to be inviting and contain excitement that you obviously were experiencing when you fill or filled them out. Don’t get too hung up on what you’re expected to say. Speak from the heart of the couple. If you’re fun and outgoing, keeping the invitations that... Read More

Wedding Invitation Card Tips

Show Off Your Wedding Style The invitation is your guests' first peek at your wedding style. Along with listing the location and time of day, the invitation -- and, more specifically, its style -- hints to the formality of your wedding. You should have an idea of the type of event you're throwing -- classic and elegant, glam and modern or cute and casual -- before you start shopping for an invitation provider, so you can create an invitation style that matches your personality. Then browse wedding invitation photos and announcement provider websites and gather inspiration so you can give... Read More

7 Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Invitation Provider BEFORE You Order:

Question #1 Are envelopes included in the price? Some printers and websites do not include the cost of envelopes in their prices, yet you still need envelopes to mail out your invitations, so you would have to purchase them separately.  Depending on how many you are sending out, that could get pricey!  At Beautiful Wedding Announcements, envelopes are included on all prices quoted on our website!  Please visit our pricing page for complete details. Question #2 Is custom design included in the price? Many times, the prices quoted are just for the printing.  They will charge you extra for custom design, multiple photographs, different... Read More

When Should I Mail Out My Wedding Invitations?

The most common question we get from brides-to-be is, "When should I mail out my invitations?" Here in Utah, wedding invitations typically are sent out anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks before the wedding. The exception would be if you have people coming in from out of town to attend the wedding. In that case, the sooner the better. Especially if they will be hunting for a good deal on hotels and airfare. When NOT To Send Out Your Wedding Invitations: If at all possible, you should avoid sending them out within two weeks of the wedding. That is, if... Read More