When Should I Mail Out My Wedding Invitations?

The most common question we get from brides-to-be is, “When should I mail out my invitations?” Here in Utah, wedding invitations typically are sent out anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks before the wedding. The exception would be if you have people coming in from out of town to attend the wedding. In that case, the sooner the better. Especially if they will be hunting for a good deal on hotels and airfare.

When NOT To Send Out Your Wedding Invitations:

If at all possible, you should avoid sending them out within two weeks of the wedding. That is, if you want people to come. It is very common for even the most laid-back individual to have things on their calendar that are two weeks away or less. If you don’t want to conflict with an event that they already have tickets to, then get your invitations out plenty early so you can get on their calendar first!

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