7 Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Invitation Provider BEFORE You Order:

Question #1

Are envelopes included in the price?

Some printers and websites do not include the cost of envelopes in their prices, yet you still need envelopes to mail out your invitations, so you would have to purchase them separately.  Depending on how many you are sending out, that could get pricey!  At Beautiful Wedding Announcements, envelopes are included on all prices quoted on our website!  Please visit our pricing page for complete details.

Question #2

Is custom design included in the price?

Many times, the prices quoted are just for the printing.  They will charge you extra for custom design, multiple photographs, different colors, special fonts, etc.  Beautiful Wedding Announcements not only includes the custom design in our package prices, but we will continue to make changes and tweaks until you are 100% in love with your invitations!  The only time we don’t include custom design in the price is for the budget packages.

Question #3

Are insert cards included in the price?

You’ll notice that a lot of other wedding invitation providers have separate pricing for insert cards.  So many brides these days want separate insert cards for their gift registry, or to invite a select group of friends and relatives to the wedding breakfast or ceremony.  Beautiful Wedding Announcements recognizes that this is a need that most brides have.  Therefore, insert cards are included in all of our package prices!

Question #4

Is custom design of the insert cards included in the price?

You also want to note that we custom design the insert cards to match the unique style of your invitations, some companies charge extra to make your insert cards match your custom invitations.  At Beautiful Wedding Announcements, that’s included too!  Again, the exception would be if you choose a budget package.

Question #5

How long will it take to design my announcements?

Thanks to our expert designers, even the most complex custom designs can be completed in as little as an hour.  All of our appointment times are one hour long, in that time we can help you choose a format and a style, personalize it to your specifications and give you a printed proof on your choice of paper.  NOBODY else offers that!

Question #6

How long will it take to print my announcements?

We can print your invitations as quickly as the next business day after your final approval. Most brides are able to approve the final proof during their appointment and pick up their invitations the next business day!

Question #7

Can you mail my invitations out?

For the busy bride, we offer a full mailing service. Most invitation companies to not even offer this.  We will print your return address as well as your guest’s address right on the envelope and mail them out for you for little more than the cost of postage.


We realize the last three questions are more time-saving benefits than money saving. However, for a lot of busy brides, time is money.  We shop our competition to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible on comparable products.  There are very few companies that can even come close to our prices for this level of quality.  Call, Email or Text us asap to set up a time to meet with a designer.  Keep in mind that our unbeatable prices, high quality invitations and lightning fast printing are well known in the community.  Therefore, our calendar fills up well in advance. Call/Email/Text ASAP to schedule your appointment for the week before you want to mail out your invitations!  We accept appointments up to three months in advance.  We can also work with you via email, facetime or telephone.


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