Do’s and Dont’s of Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are a small detail to a wedding that can leave a big impact. Their are a handful of things to remember when choosing and writing in them. The steps you take don’t have to be robotic and the typical way of doing it. Make them unique and from yourself/the couple. You want them to be inviting and contain excitement that you obviously were experiencing when you fill or filled them out.

Don’t get too hung up on what you’re expected to say. Speak from the heart of the couple. If you’re fun and outgoing, keeping the invitations that way. Make the guests feel as if the invitations are from you… because they really are!

Don’t order the number of invitations that corresponds to each guest. A lot of the guests don’t live alone. In other words, not every guests needs an individual invitation. Figure out the number of families and couple that are attending and send just one to their family and a whole.

Don’t copy another wedding designers invitation. Keep them unique to you. If you like a certain card stock that’s one thing, go with it. However, add fun details that pertain to you as a couple. Think on it, spend some time, be creative.

Although more of a list of things to “don’t” do, in the end just have fun with it. Don’t turn wedding planning into a chore. Make it fun. Turn aspects like the invitations into ways of making the whole process more unique and personalized. Enjoy small tasks like this and give it a personal touch. Have Fun!

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