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Top 10 Songs For The Garter Toss

What we have found to be the most popular songs for the garter toss! Top 10 songs. 1. Another One Bites The Dust – Queen 2. Let’s Get It On – Marvin Gaye 3. Pour Some Sugar On Me – Def Leppard 4. Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins 5. Hot In Herre – Nelly 6. Sharp Dressed Man – ZZ Top 7. Sexy And I Know It – LMFAO 8. Legs – ZZ Top 9. Cherry Pie – Warrant 10. Sexyback – Justin Timberlake Read More

Winter Weddings

Baby it's cold outside! Here in Utah we are lucky enough to experience every season. Summer and fall have come and gone and winter is welcome with open arms! I'm not personally excited for the freezing cold weather but winter weddings are fun and beautiful! And the snow is great to look at. There are many things about winter weddings that may chase people away. For example you may think your pictures may have to be taken inside or you may not be able to have a outside ceremony. Though winter may be cold it does provide a beautiful white... Read More

rsvp to order or not to order?

I always seem to get a lot of questions on whether or not to add RSVP cards to their wedding invitation order. I'm here to offer some insight as to what we see here at BWA. Most RSVP cards say the bare minimum "The favor of your reply is requested by a certain date check yes or no if you are coming." With a blank line to fill in the name of the guest(s). Back when RSVP cards were being returned by mom and grandma they filled in more information than just their names. Now a days you receive an... Read More

How To Word Your Wedding Invitation

Click here for invite wording samples A lot of people ask us how to word their wedding invitation. We've created these few simple steps. Read More

Top 10 songs to get everyone on the Dance Floor

Living in Utah we’ve been to a few weddings to say the least. Weddings where there is no dancing, wild party weddings and weddings where try their hardest but they can’t seem to get their guests off their keesters. If you are wanting dancing at your weddings these songs are a for sure way to get your guests off their feet and celebrating with you! Of course you need songs of today, to get your bridal party up and going! Songs like Cake by the Ocean by DNCE, Up Town Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars and Shut up... Read More

Destination Wedding Packing List

Passports Wedding Rings Wedding Dress/ Gown Veil Wedding Tux/Suit Wedding day shoes Copies of your birth certificates Plane tickets Credit cards Strapless swimwear (you want to avoid tan lines) Guest favors Wedding day jewelry Music for the reception Your vows Change of shoes for dancing Garter Tiara or hair clip Cake topper Programs Menu Seating/place cards Aisle runner Guest book Decorations And then just pack like you were going on a vacation with your toiletries, hair, make up, and personal items Read More

Tips on Taking Gorgeous Photos

Realign your posture by imagining there is a string pulling at the top of your head, your body will elongate and your shoulders will naturally start to fall back. Tell your guests that the officiant requested no photo-taking during the processional. This way you can avoid the sound of cameras clicking and flashes going off in such an intimate moment. Remove distractions during the family pictures and remind your guests that it will go a lot smoother if they give the photographer their full, undivided attention. Have the ladies hold the bouquet at a 45 degree angle to show off... Read More

Prevent Problems with Ceremony and Reception

Make a detailed list of who vendors should call in case of an emergency. That way you can avoid getting any calls on the day of your wedding. Grab a few pregnancy nausea lozenges for your getting ready bag. They taste good, work quickly, and will be the perfect solution to any sickness you may feel during your wedding. Have your flower girl and ring bearer make a trial run before the big day so they can be well acquainted with the space. If your little ones are particularly energetic you can try tying a pretty helium balloon around their... Read More

Pocket Invitation

Here is one of our pocket invitations, it is very elegant. Perfect colors for winter. We can customize this with your fonts and colors. We love our pocket invitations because they hold everything together and add a bit more of a formal feel to your wedding. This invitation is perfect if you will be mailing lots of pieces to your guests like RSVP cards, accommodation cards, registry information, itinerary, ect. If you would like to see more pocket invitation or look at pricing visit us here https://www.beautifulweddingannouncements.com/samples/stackable-pocket/ Read More

Elegant One Sided Invitation

This wedding invitation is perfect for any season. It is formal and beautiful, complete with ceremony insert card and thank you cards. You can order two sets of invitations that look completely the same with different wording like this particular couple chose to do. We only charge $25 to do this. It works perfectly when you have separate ceremony and reception or two different receptions. To see more one sided samples you can visit our website here https://www.beautifulweddingannouncements.com/samples/one-sided-wedding-invitations/ We offer template invitations at an incredibly low price. If you prefer custom invitations we offer that as well. Our designer prices... Read More

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