Tips on Taking Gorgeous Photos

  • Realign your posture by imagining there is a string pulling at the top of your head, your body will elongate and your shoulders will naturally start to fall back.
  • Tell your guests that the officiant requested no photo-taking during the processional. This way you can avoid the sound of cameras clicking and flashes going off in such an intimate moment.
  • Remove distractions during the family pictures and remind your guests that it will go a lot smoother if they give the photographer their full, undivided attention.
  • Have the ladies hold the bouquet at a 45 degree angle to show off the actual flowers more and pull the stems out of the way.
  • Gather two complete sets of menus, escort cards, ceremony programs, postage and addressed envelopes for your photographer. You can also use some leftover bouquet ribbon or loose flowers to add to your photos.

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