rsvp to order or not to order?

I always seem to get a lot of questions on whether or not to add RSVP cards to their wedding invitation order. I’m here to offer some insight as to what we see here at BWA.

Most RSVP cards say the bare minimum “The favor of your reply is requested by a certain date check yes or no if you are coming.” With a blank line to fill in the name of the guest(s). Back when RSVP cards were being returned by mom and grandma they filled in more information than just their names.

Now a days you receive an RSVP card and sometimes feel like you don’t have enough information.
Such as:
1. If I don’t RSVP in time will I lose my seat?
2. Are children allowed?
Ps: this is a great place to mention no children if you wouldn’t like them at your wedding.
3. Do I have a plus one?
4. Vegan meal choices?

Some fun options you can add on your RSVP card would be:
1. I’ll dance it you play “song here”
2. Write a fun fact or memory of the bride and groom to add to our slide show

Here at BWA we love RSVP cards. But there are some more modern ways to request RSVP instead of having them mail RSVP cards back to you.

Lots of brides these days create a wedding website. Which is great! You can do so here at the knot
here on wedding wire

There are lots of other options to build your website those are just 2 user friendly websites I’ve seen used. Here you can have your engagement story, pictures, info for accommodations, and of course RSVP.

We hope this was helpful! More questions or to order RSVP cards

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