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5 Non-Cliché Ways to Announce Your Engagement

Fact: Getting engaged means plenty of people will “like” you— at least on the surface. There’s nothing like showing off brand new bling to bring everyone from your third cousin to the girl you sat next to in bio class out of the woodwork and onto your feed. But posting a generic Instagram shot of your newly adorned left hand isn’t exactly personal—and isn’t exactly a testament to the love between you and your significant other. “A creative announcement only amps up the excitement that your family and friends will have for both of you,” explains Rosanna Casper, co-founder of... Read More

Kids or No Kids?

Weddings are a time for celebration and sharing good times. Some couples want to share their love and excitement with as many people as they can fit under one roof, while others may prefer a more intimate affair to enjoy with a select few. One difficult decision couples must face when planning a wedding is whether or not to invite children to join in the festivities. Young guests can bring an energetic spark to the celebration, but kids unaccustomed to dressing up and enjoying a fancy night out may get swept away by the majesty of the night. Adult guests... Read More

How to Be a Good Wedding Guest

Forget the guides to etiquette -- this is about how to be the kind of wedding guest the bride and groom want you to be. Just as with the guide for parents of the happy couple, this is -- seriously -- what brides and grooms wish their guests knew. Planning a wedding, though lovely and romantic, can be a very stressful process... and there are a few things you as a guest can do to make life a little easier on the happy couple. 1. RSVP ASAP Whether it's yes or no, let the couple know as soon as possible... Read More

What’s the right gifting etiquette?

The wedding season is around the corner, and apart from making a cursory appearance, most of us are always debating whether cash or gifts would be the best gift. A wedding website who surveyed 2,500 British couples, found that nearly four-fifths of those marrying this year will be asking for money instead of a gift. Financial contributions are seen as more useful - and those who feel awkward asking for them are turning to the power of verse to do it for them. However, the situation out here is a little different. Some have always chosen to gift cash on... Read More

Should you invite your rude relatives to the wedding?

Some believe weddings should be all about the bride. A wedding is the bride’s day, and the extent of a wedding invitee (including the groom) realizes that, and stuffs his/her drama and solipsism and peevishness in a sack in order to honour her, is the extent of that person’s spiritual development. So what does the bride want? One would urge you to say: “Listen, there is some potential for drama from a couple of family members and their spouses. As a matter of fact, they can be downright rude and suck all the air out of the room. I suppose... Read More

Simple, Elegant Wedding Themes

•Destination. If going to the actual destination is beyond your budget, look for ways to recreate that location’s ambiance closer to home. Live near the shore? Potted palms, combed sand, an arch, bouquets of tropical-hued flowers and flickering torches can turn any beach into a tropical experience. Recreate the Irish countryside in a local park or your parents’ backyard with wildflower arrangements and decor in hues of emerald and cream. Whatever your special theme, set the tone for your wedding by choosing destination wedding invitations that evoke the spirit of your destination. •Rustic. On your big day, everything should feel... Read More

Wedding Invitations: What’s The Etiquette?

One of the most crucial parts of the big day planning, your wedding invitations can help set the tone and theme of the occasion as well as determine the most important part of the wedding: the family and friends you want to have there, celebrating your special moment with you. Obligatory details you can't leave off the wedding invites? The location of the ceremony, the date and time and the address of the reception venue (if different from the ceremony). Below are pointers on wedding invitation etiquette: How far in advance should you send out the invites? Try and stick... Read More

How To Handle Wedding Guests Who Don’t RSVP

Wedding invitations are often a great source of information for guests. While wedding websites also provide a great opportunity for couples to get the word out about their weddings and share pertinent details like the date and location of the wedding, many people are still unfamiliar with the concept of a wedding website, and therefore they rely on invitations as their primary source of information about a wedding. One of the most important bits of information couples must include on their wedding invitations is the RSVP date. The RSVP, which stands for "repondez s'il vous plait," is a couple's request... Read More

How to manage seating arrangements

After all of the invitations have been sent and RSVPs returned, engaged couples who are including a sit-down dinner as part of their wedding receptions must figure out the seating arrangements for their guests. Such a task can be both fun and stressful. The fun of making seating arrangements stems from reuniting friends and family members who couples feel will enjoy one another's company and make the reception that much more fun. But feuding family members can make the task of assigning seats somewhat stressful. Couples need not be relationship experts to plan seating arrangements that ensure guests have a... Read More

How to make your wedding more eco-friendly

Couples about to tie the knot may be preoccupied with finding the right color palettes for their wedding days. While white has long been a favorite wedding day color, many couples are now looking for ways to go green at their weddings, as more and more couples want to make their ceremonies as eco-friendly as possible. While it might once have been difficult to make weddings environmentally friendly affairs, today's couples have many eco-friendly options at their disposal. From hotels that use solar power to reception halls that rely on locally sourced foods, there are plenty of ways to turn... Read More

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