What’s the right gifting etiquette?

wedding.giftThe wedding season is around the corner, and apart from making a cursory appearance, most of us are always debating whether cash or gifts would be the best gift.

A wedding website who surveyed 2,500 British couples, found that nearly four-fifths of those marrying this year will be asking for money instead of a gift. Financial contributions are seen as more useful – and those who feel awkward asking for them are turning to the power of verse to do it for them. However, the situation out here is a little different.

Some have always chosen to gift cash on their wedding day. There are times when guests are not sure how to handle situations, like when a couple has specified that they will accept no gifts or when you want to gift someone something really expensive, but are not sure about their tastes. The best approach in such situations is to send the gift a day or two after the wedding with a thank you note. If it’s cash you want to send, make sure it’s gift wrapped tastefully, so that the receiver finds it hard to say no.


Gifting etiquette

1. If you are close to the couple, it’s okay to ask if they prefer cash or money.
2. Be straightforward and polite if someone asks you what you want for your wedding.
3. Don’t make exorbitant demands.
4. Even if your friend didn’t get you a gift, it’s still nice to give one in return.
5. If you can’t make it for a wedding, despite being invited to it, make sure to send the couple a gift, wishing them the best for the future.

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