Wedding Invitation Do’s

pocketweddinginvitation23You are cordially invited… We request the honor of your presence… Please join us… It is so difficult to decide on the perfect wording, design and colors of invitations! We know. We get it. Nonetheless, it is important. Your invitations are your first impression to the entire event. Wedding or not. It sets the mood and remember that classic saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”? The invitation acts as your picture to your wedding. It tells the story of what your guests should expect on your big day. Here are some of my tips and picks when it comes to invitations:

*Send out a Save the Date card well in advance. We would recommend sending it out as soon as the date has been set (which is hopefully a year in advance!). This is particularly important for your out-of-town guests.

*Hire a professional stationer to design, print and assemble your invitations. There will be plenty of other things to DIY- this isn’t one of them.

*Be prepared to think outside the box when looking for the perfect design and incorporate your wedding colors in the invitation. Remember, this is your first message to your guests as to what they should expect. Don’t be afraid to ask your vendor to show you something unique and definitely don’t be afraid of doing something that hasn’t been done before.

*Use appropriate titles – especially for doctors. Other than Mr. & Mrs. titles should be spelled out.

*Use your father’s name (or whoever is hosting the wedding). Traditionally, weddings were paid by the parents and therefore invitations were worded as Mr and Mrs (Father’s Name) request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of (their child’s name) to (the child’s partner name)“.

*Honor the spelling of honour. Whether you choose the traditional British spelling or the contemporary American just choose to stay consistent throughout all your written material.

*Indicate if you are having a cash bar or if you would like to have a plus one allowance for your guest.

*Indicate if you have expectations for your gifts or would not like any at all. Be polite about it though.

*Include separate inserts for pre-wedding celebrations for those you’d like to invite (if everyone is not invited).

*Include information for your out-of-town guests. This can be lodging and transportation information along with maps.

*If you have created a wedding website include this on your invitation.

*Do send out invitations six to eight weeks before the ceremony and reception.

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