How To Pick The Perfect Style Of Invitation For Your Wedding

Everyone knows that your invitations set the primary tone for your wedding. They should give the guests an idea of what to expect on your big day! Here are some important factors to consider when picking out invitations:


-Wedding Theme

Are you planning a rustic country wedding? A formal ball type of wedding? Or maybe you have a specific theme like hunting, masquerade, or Great Gatsby? Be sure to decide on a theme before ordering your invites. Generic invites can be fun, but invites that match a theme will send your guests running to pick out the perfect outfit for your wedding, and be counting down the days that they can wear it!


-Desired atmosphere

Some people prefer their wedding day to be more calm and casual, while others prefer it to be a full out party! Knowing what kind of atmosphere you want on the big day will help you decide the best wording, theme, and overall look of your invitation.



Destination wedding? Temple marriage? Mountainside reception? It may be a good idea to incorporate the location of your wedding into the invitation. Not only will it look gorgeous, but it’s another super cute way to set the tone for your wedding.



Do you have a big family with lots of little kids that will be attending? Or will you be throwing an “adults only, please” wedding? Knowing your audience of guests is important when picking out your invitations so you can make it exciting and appropriate for whoever will be attending.


-The bride and grooms overall relationship

The wedding stationary should (in a sense) match the couple’s relationship. If you have a more laid back, peaceful relationship, then pictures of you two sitting in a meadow holding hands (for example) would represent the relationship well. If you are more of the life-of-the-party, goofball kind of couple, maybe consider sending out an invite with more friendly pictures of you two, ie: laughing, giving a piggy back ride, etc. You want your guests to look at the invite and say, “Yep, that’s definitely how those two are!”

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