Cute DIY Touches To Add To Your Invites

If your wedding (and the budget for your wedding) is small, or if you just want to go the extra mile to make your invitations stand out from the rest, here are some simple DIY touches you can add to almost any invitation!


Try tying a cute themed ribbon around your invitations for an adorable touch! Or, hole punch two holes at the top of each invitation about an inch apart and tie a ribbon through it for a cute bow.



A little bling never hurt anybody! You can buy tiny rhinestone stickers at any arts store to add a fab look to your invites. If you’re lucky, you may even come across some already placed in a pattern, ready to place!


Cardstock Paper

Add a border to any invitation by gluing colored cardstock (or glitter paper) on the back. Just measure it out so you have a quarter to a half an inch border, and use a simple cutter so you get straight edges. Elmer’s glue is great for this if you use enough, but don’t overdo it or you could warp the paper.


Gate fold background

Have you seen our gate fold invitations? If you haven’t already taken your engagements, this is the perfect opportunity for a creative, unique invitation! Take a few pictures that could be used for the gate fold; a close up of your hands intertwined directly in the middle of the photo, playing tug of war, etc. Get creative with what you can turn a gate fold invitation into!



Stores like Hobby Lobby have rolls of lace for relatively cheap. Consider buying enough to wrap the invitation in and tie it together with more ribbon. It adds a super cute touch and is super easy to do!



For a unique rustic look, get a strand of burlap about 3 inches thick. Wrap it around the invitation and place it in the middle of the page. Consider putting a small, matching button on it to hold it together. Ribbons or a safety pin between the burlap and the paper are some other options for holding the burlap together.


Envelope Liners

Envelope liners are becoming very popular and for good reason! Just one more touch to make your invitation really stand out when your guests open it up. You can do a themed color, glitter paper, or textured cardstock! All add a cute characteristic touch to your invite.



Similar to the lace and burlap, you can also wrap each invitation in doilies. They give a little more fairytale-look to your invitation and are again super easy to do. Try gluing it together with a dab of Elmer’s glue.


Dried Flowers

Is your wedding themed around a specific flower? Is there a flower that shows up on your invitation? Try drying and flattening some of the flowers that will be at your wedding and inserting them in the envelope with your invitation. You can leave them loose in the envelope, or hold them to the invitation with a small piece of ribbon. It will add a very personal and sweet touch to your wedding announcements.


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