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Save Money on Your Wedding!

Here are just a few tips on how to save money on your wedding! Dress Fittings Get a dress that fits. The average cost of a hem is $100 while bodice work can cost $500. You could end up spending double your budget of a dress on alterations alone. Make sure you know exactly what your alteration costs are going to be so you can fit them into your budget. You can use the fabric from your wedding dress alterations to make a matching garter, a beautiful bouquet wrap, framed art for your wedding photos, a custom monogram, or if... Read More

Hidden Costs Can Sink Wedding Budget

In the days of yore, the responsibility of paying for a wedding fell to the bride’s parents. But that tradition has largely fallen by the wayside in recent years, when more and more couples have used their own savings to finance their weddings. Few couples enter the process of planning their weddings unaware of just how expensive weddings can get, but costs can easily begin to escalate if couples are not careful. Couples know that certain wedding expenses, such as the cost of booking a reception hall, will eat up a large portion of their budgets. But there are some... Read More

10 Ways to Cut the Costs of Planning Your Wedding

When it comes to beginning your wedding planning, there is nothing worse than those first few moments when you contemplate your wedding budget. You sit down at the computer, open up a spreadsheet and before long you can a feel an alarming twitch resonating from your purse. Shortly after that twitch turns into a monetary earthquake as you finally realise how much this shindig will really cost! For most of us, we have to be realistic. Affording every must-have is simply out of the window, and we have to start looking at ways to keep our costs down. If you... Read More

10 Hidden Wedding Costs You Probably Forgot To Consider

When planning a wedding, it's easy to think about your budget in terms of big ticket items: the dress, the venue, the flowers, the food and beverages. But it's the little wedding-day extras that can really add up and put you over your intended budget. So before you come thousands of dollars short due to unexpected wedding costs, read on for the hidden fees you may have forgotten to add to your budget. 1. Postage. We've found that engaged couples make many trips to the post office! Wedding invitations often need extra postage due to their weight and shape. You... Read More

Four Money Management Tips for Your Wedding

Managing the budget of your upcoming wedding can seem like something of a dream scenario; something you’d love to be able to do, but something which seems to continually be outside of your grasp, however hard you try. There are tons of articles published online telling you how to save money on your wedding venue, catering, and of course, your honeymoon. For this reason we've decided to focus on smaller considerations, the wedding props that aren't spoken about as often but, when added together, can make up a significant portion of your budget. Below are four detailed money management tips... Read More

How To Budget Your Wedding

The endless expenses that come with planning a wedding are almost enough to make even the most party-loving couples want to elope. But there are ways to cut costs without your guests even noticing. Here are ways to save, what you can skimp on and what unplanned expenses often catch brides by surprise. This may come as a shock, but one big area where you really don’t have to go all out is the invitations. “You can still get something very beautiful that’s not custom, five-ply paper or letter-pressed in, and five different colors. Another way to save money is... Read More

Affordable Yet Elegant Wedding Themes

Saving money is always smart, but can it also be romantic? When it comes to your wedding day, spending less doesn’t mean you have to give up elegance and romance. It’s all about wise choices, setting priorities and selecting a theme that is the perfect marriage of elegance and budget mindedness. We’ve all heard how the cost of the average wedding increases every year, but it’s also easier than ever for savvy brides to save money and still have a smashing wedding. Picking the right theme can go a long way toward making the most of your wedding budget. And... Read More

The Stuff People Pay Too Much For

Here are some tips to help make your wedding stay more on budget. The Flowers Flowers can be a huge expense. Not only does tradition call for bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids, and boutonnieres for the men, you also need to consider flowers for the ceremony, the table settings and even a wrist let for Grandma. To limit your flower costs: •Stay in season: If you insist on a certain kind of bloom but it’s out-of-season, the cost will be higher. •Think big: Larger blooms, such as hydrangeas, sunflowers and peonies are among those that allow you to use... Read More

Tips for an Affordable Destination Wedding

A flurry of congratulatory phone calls, social media announcements and sparkling ring pictures all mean one thing: engagement season has arrived. With approximately 39 percent of marriage proposals taking place between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, engaged couples are taking note of one of the fastest-growing nuptial trends — destination weddings. These days, one in four weddings is a destination wedding, giving couples — and their guests — a reason to blend the joy of a marriage celebration with a fun and memorable vacation. Planning a destination wedding suitable for all your attendees is easier than you think. Plan ahead 9... Read More

10 expert tips for an affordable and memorable destination wedding

These days, one in four weddings is a destination wedding, giving couples – and their guests – a reason to blend the joy of a marriage celebration with a fun and memorable vacation. Planning a destination wedding suitable for all your attendees is easier than you think. 1. Plan ahead It's said to plan nine to 12 months is the optimum planning time, especially for a destination wedding. Many couples start planning a destination wedding as soon as they get engaged. While the summer months are typically most popular for couples, when choosing a date, it's recommends considering a Friday... Read More

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