Save Money on Your Wedding!

Here are just a few tips on how to save money on your wedding!

Dress Fittings

Get a dress that fits. The average cost of a hem is $100 while bodice work can cost $500. You could end up spending double your budget of a dress on alterations alone. Make sure you know exactly what your alteration costs are going to be so you can fit them into your budget.

You can use the fabric from your wedding dress alterations to make a matching garter, a beautiful bouquet wrap, framed art for your wedding photos, a custom monogram, or if you have lots of extra fabric you can make custom lingerie, or a beautiful ring pillow to match your dress!

Also make sure you can sit in your dress before you get it smaller

Cleaning Up

Cleanup after the reception can cost $100 for garbage removal and $500 for cleaning

Ask your friends and family to help out

Wedding Shoes

You can save a lot of money by getting cheaper shoes. Satin peep toe $298 or ballet flats $24.

Nobody sees your feet so this is the perfect place to cut some costs. Ballet shoes are the perfect way to save money and still have really cute comfortable shoes!


The cost of venues can go by what season you get married in

January, February, and March are the best months to get an affordable venue.

Avoid the months of June, September, and December.

Make sure to look at your venues approved vendors, it could cost more to hire someone they haven’t approved.


The cost of setting up or renting out equipment.

Ask your friends and family to help out.

Also try to find a venue that includes all the furniture in the price.


Tents themselves aren’t the expensive part it’s the floors that will set you back quite a bit

If you are getting a tent for your wedding, consider getting a frame tent instead of a pole tent. The frame tent is more versatile since it can go on almost any surface.


Buying flowers in the off season can bring shipping costs way up especially if you are buying in bulk. Delivery is also very expensive. If you can pick them up yourself go with that.

Make sure to look at your venues approved vendors, it could cost more to hire someone they haven’t approved.


If you can recruit some help for décor you will save tons of money by doing DIY décor.

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