How To Budget Your Wedding

wedding.bandThe endless expenses that come with planning a wedding are almost enough to make even the most party-loving couples want to elope. But there are ways to cut costs without your guests even noticing.

Here are ways to save, what you can skimp on and what unplanned expenses often catch brides by surprise.

This may come as a shock, but one big area where you really don’t have to go all out is the invitations. “You can still get something very beautiful that’s not custom, five-ply paper or letter-pressed in, and five different colors.
Another way to save money is by booking a DJ instead of a band. Not only is it a fraction of the cost, but it means fewer people to tip. Speaking of the reception, something else you can save on is the cake. What some people do is have a one-tier cake for cutting and then cupcakes for their guests, which comes out to about $1 or $2 a person.

It’s also socially acceptable to lose the party favors. Your friends may love you, but they don’t always care about having something with your name on it.

Something you cannot skimp on though: the photographer. Getting bad photos back from your big day can be heart-breaking. But when it comes to the wedding album, watch out. To get around this cost, its recommended to make your own albums with an Apple template.

Something else that couples usually leave out of the budget is tips, which can sometimes add up to $7,000. Think about it: You have to tip the photographer, valet guys, servers, hair and makeup people — it just goes on and on. A lot of people see an administrative service fee on the bill and think that’s the tip. It’s not.

Most importantly, be honest with your partner and your wedding planner about what you want and what you’re able to spend. A little creativity combined with industry know-how will get you the wedding of your dreams without leaving you broke.

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