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Tips for Taking Engagement Photos

Traditionally used in wedding announcements, engagement photos are now an essential element of save-the-date cards and personalized wedding websites. The setting can range from formal shoots in which couples are dressed to the nines to casual shots featuring couples in everyday attire. When planning an engagement shoot, couples should give themselves carte blanche with regard to style, as the photo shoot need not follow the conventional rules that the wedding itself will most likely adhere to. After deciding on the overall style of the shoot, here are some ways to ensure the portrait session is a success. Find a photographer... Read More

7 Ways to Reduce the Stress of Creating a Guest List

One of the aspects of wedding planning that brides-to-be find quite stressful is creating a good guest list. There's always the danger of leaving out someone who might be offended about not receiving an invitation, or inviting that one person who has all it takes to turn the big day upside down. If you're already planning your wedding and you're wondering how to do it stress-free, check out these tips: Categorize your list: This will make it easier for you to decide who stays on the list and who goes. Divide your list into 'maybes' and 'must-haves,' or group people... Read More

28 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas

1. Have a pre-wedding field day so your groomsmen and bridesmaids can get acquainted with one another. 2. Add a line for a DJ song request on your RSVP cards. 3. Enlist your grandmas to be your flower girls. 4. Serve your drinks on “My Two Cents” coasters. 5. For a brunch reception, serve up a waffle bar. 6. For seriously rad photo ops, give out sparklers as favors. 7. Crown your wedding day with this fun cake topper. 8. Incorporate your love story into the aisle runner. It doesn't even have to incorporate photos. 9. Hire a rad food... Read More

Hidden Costs Can Sink Wedding Budget

In the days of yore, the responsibility of paying for a wedding fell to the bride’s parents. But that tradition has largely fallen by the wayside in recent years, when more and more couples have used their own savings to finance their weddings. Few couples enter the process of planning their weddings unaware of just how expensive weddings can get, but costs can easily begin to escalate if couples are not careful. Couples know that certain wedding expenses, such as the cost of booking a reception hall, will eat up a large portion of their budgets. But there are some... Read More

Ideas for Wedding Planning

Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life. Ensuring that things go smoothly on this day should be the priority of every bride. The key to a flawless wedding day is proper wedding planning. What is wedding planning? This all-encompassing term simply means that you plan for everything that should happen on your wedding day, and you plan to avoid everything that should not happen. There are thousands of things to consider, from the color theme of your wedding to the travel arrangements of your guests. Some brides thrive on actively participating in every aspect of the... Read More

6 Tips to Plan the Perfect Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are now gaining popularity. However, you don't have to be a celebrity or a very wealthy person before you can have a destination wedding. With a clean cut budget, a realistic plan and a creative imagination, you can have your dream wedding at your favorite spot outside the shores of the country. Here are six tips to guide you in planning the perfect destination wedding: Be organized: The first step to planning a successful destination wedding is organization. It is helpful to hire a professional wedding planner; however, if this luxury is not within your budget, enlist a... Read More

Utah Bridal Shows

So far this month we have been to six bridal shows! Three of those have been in Utah. We had a booth at the Grand America bridal show as well as the one at the Salt Palace and Thanksgiving Point. Outside Utah, we attended bridal shows in San Diego, Phoenix and Portland. Bridal Show season is such a whirlwind here at Beautiful Wedding Announcements, but we love meeting all of the new brides face to face and seeing the excitement in your eyes when we show you just how beautiful and affordable our invitations are! We want to hear from... Read More

Planning a Wedding? Here are 17 Mistakes you Should Avoid

One of the most-frequented topics of conversation among friends is weddings. It seems we are at a stage when no matter who you're with or what you’re doing, there’s always something to discuss on the subject of engagement. You have yet to meet a girl who doesn’t have at least some vision of what her wedding day will look like, even if she doesn’t have the Pinterest board(s) to prove it. But all the Pinterest boards and dreams won’t make your wedding day stress-free. When it comes down to executing on your ideas, a lot can go wrong. Learn from... Read More

Invitations are the Best Way to Set the Style and Tone for your Wedding

You might be a fairytale-style bride or a more professional bride who doesn’t tolerate frilly. You might even be the girl next door with a laid-back attitude. Whatever your personal style, your tastes will set the look and feel of the wedding you’re planning. Over the years, weddings have changed and so have brides and grooms. For example, the average age of a bride has gone up, therefore more couples are choosing to pay for their own weddings. This trend is also causing changes in the overall theme of a given wedding. If you’re in the process of planning your... Read More

The Wedding Burnout

Wedding burnout is a very real experience for many engaged couples. The stress of budgeting mixed with the complicated mix of emotions and relationships can quickly turn the fun process of planning your wedding into a nightmare that you just want to end. I’ve found that brides and grooms are most likely to get burned out right around the time that wedding invitations are going out. You’re in the height of the hustle and bustle, but not quite close enough to the big day to let your worry and concern move aside. There are many contributing factors to wedding burnout:... Read More

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