Invitations are the Best Way to Set the Style and Tone for your Wedding

F-18 cheap folded wedding invitationYou might be a fairytale-style bride or a more professional bride who doesn’t tolerate frilly. You might even be the girl next door with a laid-back attitude. Whatever your personal style, your tastes will set the look and feel of the wedding you’re planning. Over the years, weddings have changed and so have brides and grooms. For example, the average age of a bride has gone up, therefore more couples are choosing to pay for their own weddings. This trend is also causing changes in the overall theme of a given wedding.

If you’re in the process of planning your upcoming wedding, here are some ways you can spice up your wedding starting with the invitations.

* Theme – Infuse a hint of your event’s theme into the wedding invitations. Some couples choose themes based on how they want to decorate. Movies, hobbies and favorite sports teams are popular choices for themed weddings. Beautiful Wedding Announcements has a variety of trending theme styles ranging from elegant to destination weddings, allowing you to tease your guests with what they can expect for the big day.

* Voice – Wedding invitations used to be very formal. “The parents of the bride request the honor of your presence in the marriage of their daughter to the groom at … .” Since many couples are now writing the invitation wording, they’re choosing to add a little personality. So instead of formal language like “regretfully declines” or “accepts with pleasure,” couples might now instead use “Bummer, we’re out,” or “Totes, we’re there!”

* Symbols and designs – Sometimes couples don’t have a theme but will focus on an element like a certain kind of flower, pattern or specific color. This decorative element can have special meaning to the couple. Perhaps the flowers are the same as those the groom gave the bride on their first date, or maybe the lace pattern on the wedding dress was also worn by the bride’s mother or grandmother. Check out the wedding invitations at Beautiful Wedding Announcements for designs that incorporate your special element so you can tie the entire event together beautifully.

* Type of invitation – Paper invitations are still the most popular option, as most couples aren’t interested in sending e-vites for their big day. However, the style varies depending on the couple’s taste. Some are choosing to do away with the formal invitation with multiple envelopes. Instead they’re picking tri-fold invitations or postcard notifications and responses. Some couples are opting for photo cards, so they can share their engagement photos in the invitation. Pocket invitations are also very popular. Beautiful Wedding Announcements has these styles and much more, giving you plenty of options to help you find the perfect wedding invitation.

Planning a wedding is a lot of fun. When you find an invitation that introduces your wedding theme beautifully, you’ll know you have a winner!

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