Back to the roots.

There are many online companies out there! Some big businesses some small. When you go to a website you choose to order because you’ve found something you like. And cross your fingers it turns out to be exactly what you were hoping it would be. There is nothing personal about your order for the most part. You click, click, click enter your card information and presto! Your order is on the way.

While we hope you fall in love with something on our website and enjoy the convenience of click, click order! We also would like to create a personal feeling here at Beautiful Wedding Announcements.

Beautiful Wedding Announcements is not a large corporate company. Though that does not mean we help less brides. We actually pride ourselves on helping brides all over the country! And can say we do more wedding invitations in Utah than anyone else. Here at BWA we have 13 employees, each one very dear to our hearts. Because of the intimate environment of our shop everyone knows your name! Each bride is an individual to us and we want your invitations to be nothing less than perfect.

We have top of the line equipment all in one place offering to you a very quick turn around time! We don’t outsource any of our product, it literally never leaves our hands until it’s on the way to be in yours! This is why we can offer our invitations at an incredibly low price.

Where did all of this start you might ask?

Right here with Lyn and Collette Talley!! They started a printing company right in the middle of their living room 40 years ago. Lyn Talley started out by offering flyers and business cards to his friends, family and neighbors at an incredibly low price. When his children started to get married he noticed the prices for invitations were outrageous and thought to himself. I’m going to create invitations just as beautiful and offer them to couples at a much more affordable price.

As you can see his dreams came true. With a bit of hard work and loyal customers like yourself here we are 40 years later! Thank you to all of the couples out there for keeping us in business.

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