Questions you should ask yourself before ordering wedding invitations.

Beautiful Wedding Announcements is dedicated

to providing you with the best quality of invitations

at the best price!!

Here are some questions you may ask yourselves before ordering invitations:

We’ve added our personal answered below.

What kind of budget are you working with??

It doesn’t matter! We offer packages as low as $50.

Want to dress up your invitation?? No problem! We offer it all!

What kind of quality can you expect to receive??

Only the best, we aren’t shy!

We give you a packet of samples when you meet us!

Have you had a chance to check it out yet??

How long should you plan on waiting to pick up / receive your invitations once you’ve submitted your final order??

Beautiful Wedding Announcements takes 2-3 business days to print your invitations and have available for pick up with any standard order!! 

Who are you ordering from??

Beautiful Wedding Announcements.

A company dedicated to providing you

the best quality invitations

at the best price.

Your product is not outsourced.

It never leaves our hands until it reaches yours.

We are proud to be a small company, 13 wonderful employees with

top of the line equipment serving couples all over the US!

So why not?!

Submit a $50 deposit today to receive one free item

along with our super low online prices

and check off one of the most important things

on your wedding checklist! 

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