Wedding Planning: Venues and Vendors

Here are a few tips for when you are picking out a venue for your wedding!

  1. Consider finding a venue that offers all the things you need such as hotel accommodations, ceremony, and reception all in one place. This will help you save money and cut down on time and the stress of transportation logistics.
  2. Some parks or gardens will let you have your wedding on their grounds in exchange for a small donation to them. This will save money and give you a beautiful outdoor space if your wedding is in the warmer months.
  3. Wait until four or five months out from your wedding to book your venue. When you have a shorter timeline you have a better chance at saving money on your venue and food. Only do this if you are willing to be flexible on your date.
  4. Make sure you ask to see how the ceremony/reception site will be set up in case of inclement weather, or have a secondary location prepared.

Here are a few tips on choosing and working with your vendors!

  1. Make sure to attend bridal shows very early on in your engagement. They are a great place for information, inspiration, and you could be entered into raffles to win free stuff for your wedding! Create a wedding only email to use during your planning process so you can keep all the wedding emails separated from work emails.
  2. When looking into potential vendors make sure to read through all the testimonials and find the ones that talk about specific details on why they were either thrilled with the company or exactly why they were unsatisfied with them.
  3. Try to use one vendor for as many services as you can. For example if your florist offers lighting and rentals you could save a lot of money by bundling services with one vendor instead of going to three separate ones.
  4. Make sure you show your vendors what you would like. Sometimes things can get lost in translation so it is important that you make sure everyone is on the same page and has a visual of what you want.

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