Wedding etiquette for your family

Do you need expert advice on wedding day etiquette for your family? Many times people receive wedding invitations but are unsure what to do with their kids.

One important aspect is deciphering whether or not the children are invited. The way to figure this out is by seeing who the invitation is addressed to.

You really want to look at the invitation. Who is it addressed to? Is it addressed to Mr. and Mrs.? Is it addressed to Mr. and Mrs. and family? Does your child have their own invitation? That’s going to give you indication whether or not your children are invited.

It’s mentioned that you never want to call the bride, groom or family to ask about the child’s status because that may cause a lot of stress or create an awkward situation.

It is also important for the bride and groom to be specific about if they are inviting kids to the wedding or having an adult party only. This would be indicated on the invitation.

You want to use words, ‘adult reception immediately following after the wedding,’ lets them know immediately, or ‘two seats’ or ‘several seats have been reserved for you at this venue.’ That’s going to give a cut and dry no children are involved coming to that wedding.

If children are invited to a wedding, the bride and groom should consider the seating arrangement and set up additional activities for the kids. However, this doesn’t always fit into the budget.

Don’t stress. This is your day, make it as pleasurable as you can.

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