How to Create the Perfect Wedding Invite

A wedding invite is a formal announcement of your big day. Mind you, it is not just another invite! So, it’s gotta be pretty and special. That said, your wedding invite is the first step to ensuring that your guests turn up at your wedding.

Your wedding is the most important event of your life, and keeping it simple only shows disinterest. And if done tastefully, you know your wedding invite can be quite a hit. So how do you go about selecting the perfect one? Do you want to follow a theme or not? How will it convey your message to your guests?

Do some research: You may be pretty sure about what you want when it comes to your wedding invite, but there is no harm in doing a little search for some ideas. Browse the Internet for offbeat wedding invites, interesting themes and templates. You will know exactly what you’d like on yours!

Pick a theme: A wedding invite with a theme can be great. So visualise the theme according to the décor and other details of the wedding. If your wedding promises grandeur and fanfare, then you must add a regal touch to your wedding invite. A more artistic way to design your wedding invite would be to infuse ancient Indian art into it.

Word it well: Minimalistic writing is the key to a unique wedding invite. You can incorporate a couplet or a poem if you must, but look at something that is meaningful and defines your personality.

A quick pointer:

Get a test print: Getting a test print done is highly suggested to check the paper quality, colour or minor errors (if any) in your wedding invite.

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