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Hi! I’ve never properly introduced myself. My name is Sarah, I’m the gal you’ll talk to when messaging us on Facebook or Instagram and I write all of those lovely blog posts you may have read.

You may have even met me at a bridal show. And have been emailing me back and forth with me.

Here’s a little about me!

I’ve worked for Beautiful Wedding Announcements for just over 6 years! I LOVE my job. I honestly never saw myself working in the wedding business. I was actually in school to become a paramedic when I met Lyn and Collette Talley (owners and operators of Beautiful Wedding Announcements) I worked my first day at the South Towne Bridal Expo. And to my surprise it was exciting … and fun! I later did my very first appointment with a bride and groom and fell in love with the feeling. The feeling I got from the bride of excitement, nerves, twitterpation. You know the whole head-over-heals thing?! After hearing their story of how they met and fell in love, I was amazed at all of the possibilities of what was to become.

Their story was a simple one. They met at work, he thought she was way out of his league and there was no way he’d ever go for him. She thought he was cute but he wouldn’t make a move. This went on for a couple of years other boyfriends/girlfriends came and went. And one day they ran into each other outside of work. She actually got the courage up to ask him to stay and take a walk with her and right outside their favorite place to eat they fell in love. It kind of played out like any chick flick would right there in my head but instead of Ryan and Gosling and Rachel McAdams it was their faces. It was so cool to hear that happens to actual people!

I started here working bridal shows, then receptionist work, trained to be a designer, printer, office manager and now I get to do the fun stuff. Work directly with all of you while you are still deciding who to choose help invite their families and friends to THE most special day of their lives. Anyway! I have 3 kids and live in the same city as our office. I love my life and my cute husband. I get to work with my best friend and for this amazing company! I find working for a small company rewarding and have passion for what we do here at BWA.

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