How to Organize your Wedding Invitations

2s-4-bigInvitations are easy to organize, especially if you choose the right wedding card supplier. The colour, style and texture choice is as easy as one, two, three, yet the people you choose to invite is a bit more of a hurdle. Originally you think it’s easy , ‘let’s just invite our family and friends’, but then as you start to write down names including all partners and children, the numbers start to spiral out of control.

Here are the common questions bride’s ask themselves when compiling that dreaded guest list:
*Shall I invite partners?
*What if they have only been together a few months and your wedding is six months away, what if they don’t last?
*Do you invite young children or is your wedding an adult only affair?
*Will the parents be insulted if you don’t invite their children or will they be glad to have a day away from them?
*What if you don’t like someone in your family?
*Do you have to invite them because they are family or do you just not invite them, but then what will all the other people in your family think?

Don’t forget that you will probably be constricted by budget and space at your chosen venue. You may want to invite lots of people, but you simply can’t afford to pay for each person to enjoy a pricey meal at your expense. So, what do you do?

The simple answer to all these questions is:

Invite the people who you and your other half want present, not who you think should be invited because you don’t want to insult or upset family or friends. Don’t be pressured into inviting extra people because your mother or father takes a short suck in of air followed by ‘ohhhh I think they will be upset darling if they are not invited, don’t you?’ Hold your ground and stick firmly to your guns. In regards to numbers, it really doesn’t matter whether you end up with final numbers in the hundreds or numbers in the tens; as long as you have invited the people who you want at your big day. Be honest with yourself, friends and family about what you want and what you can afford, and then the whole pressure of the dreaded invites will be a walk in the park – painless and enjoyable.

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