Busy Fall!

It’s actually been a really busy off-season this year! We usually get to take a nice long break for fall and winter, but for some reason the wedding invitation orders have kept up a pretty good pace this year! That’s a good thing :) It’s nice to know people love what you do and refer their friends and family to you, but it also means that we haven’t had much time to update the blog :/

We added something new this fall to our site – REVIEWS! We are loving it :) The response has been overwhelming! I will spare you the details, but 99% of our reviewers rave about our great quality, great prices and great customer service! Those are all great compliments, but the compliment that is the most powerful and very common throughout all of these reviews is that our customers tell us that they would confidently recommend us to their friends and family. That means a lot to us, that means that you trust us to do a good job for the people that you care about the most.

We won’t let you down, we will keep doing what we do! Thank you all so much for all of your support :)

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